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Previous Update 10/17/15

Hey! A new strip! and it didn't take me two months to do it! WOO-HOO!!!!

Previous Update 9/25/15

Sorry for the delay. Life keeps getting in the way

Previous Update 7/23/15

Well I've taken a bad day and tried to make the best of it. My anxiety disorder is running rampant today, so I thought maybe doing a little artwork might help. The results are that I've finished up the next Blizzard cartoon! Yea!!!

Now I want to note that in this strip, it says that Blizzard and Jim are at the Texas Republican Center for Pseudoscience. This does NOT mean that Blizzard's home state is Texas, only that he and Jim are in a facility run by the Texas Republicans. I just wanted to poke fun at Texas for having some seriously crazy politics, not make Texas an actual location in the stories.

I am looking forward to seeing this story play out. I think Blizzard, and especially Jim, are going to give the good doctor a very hard time :)

Previous Update 3/25/15

And we're back! The move is not completed, but I went ahead and got you a new strip ready. You're welcome! :)

Previous Update 1/2/27/14

Here's the next installment of Blizzard! Enjoy :)

Previous Update 11/22/14

well, here's the next strip. Later than I meant to post it. A LOT later. But here it is nonetheless. Enjoy!

Previous Update 10/27/14

Generally, I don't talk much about my personal life here on the Blizzard site. I'm sticking with that, just wanted to say that a LOT has happened over the last couple of weeks, and I've been overwhelmed with stress. Right now, everything is under control, and here's hoping it stays that way!!

So here's a new Blizzard strip. Not sure if it hits the mark like I'd planned, but I felt it was still fun to draw. I think this was one of the most fun strips I've drawn in a while. I enjoyed finding new things for Bob to chase Rufus with, all while Ted is oblivious to what's happening.

Hope you enjoy the newest strip! Thanks for being patient and waiting folks!

Previous Update 9/20/14

Well, my plan was to have this strip posted on the 15th. Then I'd post again on the 30th. That way I'd start establishing a routine pattern of when the strips posted. Obviously, I didn't make that plan. But I am still shooting for the next strip to go up on the 30th. Let's see if I can keep that promise to myself (and you!).

Previous Update 8/31/14

I have great plans for this story. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the story turns out as funny as I'd planned!

In looking back over some of the previous stories, especially Gay Daze, I think I veered off the path I'd originally planned for Blizzard. I really didn't like that last story, as it didn't turn out at all like I'd planned. I still hope you all enjoyed reading it! I just felt it wasn't up to par with some of our other stories. So I'm trying to get this story to be more like the those stories that were the best. I'm very much looking forward to Jim and Blizzard getting out of this situation with some very funny ideas. Stay tuned, Blizzard fans!!

Previous Update 8/13/14

New strip! This sounds ominous!

Previous Update 7/17/14

Let's start the next story!

I think Rufus has been ignored for a while. And we have not resolved his conflict with Blizzard being gay. So let's explore that for this story, shall we?

Oh and let me introduce a new character. Ted is the polar bear we met in the last story, and he is now Blizzard's neighbor. A bit of an easy way to get him in the story, but it works. Sort of. Oh well.

Previous Update 5/29/14

Well the boys are heading back home, and I can understand Blizzard's feelings on the texting thing. Jimmy does that when he drives and I get onto him about it every time. He doesn't listen, but I still try to get it in his head that texting and driving are a bad combination. So no texting when driving folks, OK?

Previous Update 5/9/14

Sounds like Bob has some issues from childhood haunting him. What could they be?

Blizzard and Bob made up pretty fast, but hey, it's a cartoon, not a soap opera. At least they are on the right track reminding each other to TALK to one another when an issue does arrive. Not easy, but it does help.

Previous Update 4/12/14

Next strip is up! Would YOU forgive Bob?

Previous Update 3/26/14

Ok, I thought the rock background might be too much, but now that it is colored, I kinda like it. I thought this would help establish that Blizzard is at the pool of the hotel. Well, that and the fact that the daddy talking with him is naked.

I haven't established what the next story will be after this one. What would you like to see happen after this story wraps up?

Previous Update 3/16/14

This update is a touch sad. We've all been there at some point, rushing to say I'm sorry only to find ourselves alone. And like in real life, I'm sure this will work out for Blizzard.

Besides, this a cartoon. Who wants a depressing ending in a cartoon? (well maybe vintage Disney, but that ain't Blizzard)

Previous Update 2/20/14

And after much drama and puzzlement on my part, here's the next strip. I kept this one kinda simple in the drawing, but felt I added the drama/problem this story needed to explore or resolve. Kinda late in the story to do it, but hey, at least we got a point to the story :)

Previous Update 1/20/14

And after a major long delay, the next Blizzard post AND our first post of the new year!

The first panel of this strip was originally quite more complicated and busy-more attractions showing, plus more people. But I realized that all that complication might have made a nice picture, it didn't translate well into a cartoon. Plus the Jim, Blizzard, and Bob were lost in the crowd. Oh and coloring it would take a lot of extra time. So I opted for a smaller, but still fun image that presented the park without losing the cast in the process.

And I am still grinning at the final frame because that would totally be me. I'd be just that silly about it.

Previous Update 12/3/13

Anybody else ever notice that the parades are all the same? Different people, but the same floats and themes in the parade. I gotta agree with Bob, you've seen one gay parade, you've seen them all.

Previous Update 11/23/13

FINALLY! I was able to have some time to finish up this cartoon and get it posted. Hope you enjoy!!

Previous Update 10/25/13

So I thought it would be fun to have a whole strip where the guys are naked. Nothing sexual, just nudity. And I think pulled that off. Plus I got to toss in a Star Trek refrence! HA! Enjoy the new strip folks!

Previous Update 10/8/13

Sory for the long delay. I can only say I procrastinated and it showed.

Hope you enjoy the current strip. Oh, and can anyone guess the visual reference to a movie in this episode? :)

Previous Update 9/10/13

Well I think we all know someone like the fellows presented in this strip-there's always drama following them around. Sure, they are in an open relationship, and sure one of them will hit on you every chance he gets, but inevitably one of them will blow up on the other and a huge fight over something really stupid will happen. I really knew a couple who would have fights about having sex outside their relationship even though they were in an open relationship. Yep, makes perfect sense to me, too.

Hope you are enjoying the current story!

Previous Update 8/14/13

Wow, almost a month since I last posted. I gotta make more time for drawing! Especially since I have several cartoons already planned out, plus some colored pencil drawings I'd like to do. Seems like there is never enough time to draw.

Well, at least I got this strip finished. The first frame was a major pain to draw and color, but I really felt it was worth it. It just seems nice to see all these bears enjoying themselves.

And yes, we have a visit from Charlie and Greg in this episode. Hope you guys enjoy!

Previous Update 7/19/13

Well this strip almost didn't happen. I had the strip drawn out, then realized I didn't have the script done out right. Then had to revamp the script to fit the drawn pages... What a mess!

But here we are. Not quite as funny as I'd hoped, but still works. I'll just have to put more effort into the next strip :)

Previous Update 6/25/13

Here's the next strip. This one took a while to color due to the rocks in the hotel design. See, I wanted to make the hotel look like something from the 1950's. Sooooo... I found a picture of a old Denny's restaurant and used it as the basis for the hotel. The rocks look great, but took forever to color.

Well, enough of that. Enjoy the next installment of Becoming Blizzard!

Previous Update 5/31/13

Here's the next update. Why is it that some guys do this? I've never understood the need to pack everything you own just for a few days.

Previous Update 5/14/13

You know, this is the first strip I've done where I looked at the picture and said "What the hell? I totally screwed up the perspective!!

Oh well. It could be worse. At least the dialoge is correct. At least it is according to the spellchecker.

Hope you enjoy the strip! (just ignore that bad perspective LOL)

Previous Update 4/30/13

It never seems to fail. You're minding your own business, getting your freak on with your man, and THAT'S the moment the phone rings, some friend shows up at the door, or the cat who never wants you to pet him decides he must have attention. That's the idea behind today's strip :)


Previous Update 4/16/13

And here's the beginning of the next story, Gay Daze!

So what do you think of the opening for this story!

Previous Update 3/25/13

Sorry for the long delay. I wanted this one done LAST month. Oh well. Here's the final installment of Planet Of The Gays. Up next, Gay Daze!

Previous Update 2/23/13

Well, I didn't get this one posted as quickly as I'd planned. I had a death in my family and as such that kinda throws ya off yer game.

On a brighter note, here's the next to the last strip for this story. We now know why Amadeus went on his little kick and who's the cause of this whole drama. Figures, doesn't it?

One last strip and then a short break. The next story will start in mid March. I'll keep you all updated with posts on Facebook.

Previous Update 2/10/13

Yes! I've done it!!! Two updates back to back within ONE WEEK! Now I just gotta stay on course with this new schedule :)

Well now, we have only two more strips in the story and then we move onto the next story.

And what do you think of the Werehuman? I thought it funny to see the werewolf thing in reverse (an animal turns into a human). Well hopefully it brought a chuckle to you.

Let me know what you think, folks! Visit us on Facebook or send an email to Blizzard.

Previous Update 2/3/13

Ok, so first off, I've moved the current story to the top of the cartoons page so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom for the current strip.

Next, we've got a new update and the story continues. I think there are about 4 more strips left in the story before it wraps up. My goal is to have the story wrapped up by the end of March so we can start the new story by late April, early May. I want to take a short break before starting the next story.

Now,the problem I'm having right now is what's called essential tremmors. This is a condition that causes my hands to shake uncontolably. It can be quite frustrating and agrevating to me to work on cartoons with this happening. But I'm going to keep on anyway :) Hopefully no one will notice a change in the drawings, nor will it take me a month between strips.

Hope you all enjoy the new strip!

Previous Update 1/4/13

Well we all survived the 2012 apocolypse. And as a reward for surviving, here's a new Blizzard strip!

Looks like Rufus is having a lot of fun dancing naked for all those men! At least Bob's making sure Rufus will have lots of photos to remember this moment LOL

Normally, I try to keep a story at or just below 20 strips. This one will run over that number by a couple. Anyone object? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Thanks everyone for being a fan! Enjoy the newest strip!!!

Previous Update 12/11/12

Thanks everyone for waiting while we recouperated! Now that illness is over with, I've finished up the next strip and posted it for you!

Quite frankly, I'm looking forward to seeing Rufus get out of this with his dignity intact. :)


Previous Update 11/22/12

Happy Thanksgiving!

for those fans not living in the USA, today is Thanksgiving here. Today we pause and give thanks for what is important or special to us. Sadly, like all holidays, it has been perverted into a commercial free-for-all. Stores open late tonight and early tomorrow morning for the frenzied commercialism once known as Christmas.

But enough of that! Today we can all give thanks for yet another installment of Blizzard! Who knew a vampire's tomb could be so frickin' cool?

I do want to say "thank you" to each and every one of Blizzard's fans. Thanks for helping keep the stories coming, for supporting Blizzard, and for just being a fan.

Previous Update 11/14/12

Next cartoon! Woo-hoo!!

Previous Update 11/5/12

You know, some cartoon strips are HILLARIOUS when I think them up. But then when I draw them out, something doesn't click right and it turns out not so funny. Sadly, this is one of those strips. Oh it continues the story, is fun to look at, but doesn't have the zing that I like for my toons.

So I guess that means I'll really have to rock the house with the next strip. Yes, yes! I'm starting it now! :)

Previous Update 10/21/12

Next update! We're off to find the vampire and save Rufus.

666 Devil's Hill Rd was a real address I saw one time. And yes, I really thought I'd only go if I had a crucifix and a phaser. I'm a nerd, what did you expect?

Previous Update 9/30/12

Well here you go. Thrid update in a month, AND you've gotten FOUR cartoons this month. Trying my hardest to get as much of the story out as possible.

Hopefully you are enjoying the story. Give Blizzard a shout on Facebook!

Previous Update 9/15/12

Here you go! Not one, but TWO cartoons. I got a wild hair and cranked out both of these this week. I'm happy that the story is moving along and I hope you are enjoying the tale.

Thanks everyone for being Blizzard Fans!

Previous Update 9/8/12

Here we go! Next update posted and I know you are happy to see this one.

Previous Update 8/18/12

Why is it that when presented with obvious, clear evidence of something out of the ordinary, we automatically try to rationalize the obvious? Like the priest in The Exorcist who couldn't accept that he was dealing with a demon?

At least the rest of us have a good idea why Rufus is acting so strangely :) Hope you enjoy the story!

Previous Update 7/31/12

Well I think it is obvious now that we have a vampire on our hands. And a gay vampire at that! Oh how will poor Rufus ever be released from the evil spell?!?!!

Stay tuned, Blizzard fans!

Previous Update 7/10/12

Here it is! The next update!

I love how Rufus is behaving. I can just imagine him with a REALLY girlie voice. Soooo... who do you think this Count Amadeus is? Why is Rufus suddenly a big ol' gay bottom? Tune in next time to find out!

Previous Update

And we're back! Sorry for the long delay, but if you've been following Blizzard on Facebook, you know I've run into a slight issue with my drawing skills. Took me some effort to get this one out, but I hope to have overcome the worst of the shakes and will be back up and running on schedule now.

Well Rufus is certainly acting out of character now. Hmmmm, where, oh where, could this be going?! :)

And I do want to say 'Thank you' to all those who've wished me well as I cope with my essential tremmors (that's what the illness is called). I appreciate it, guys! And also a Big Bear Thank You to all those who've helped Blizzard with his server fees! Your contributions have kept Blizzard going!!

Hope you all enjoy the new strip!

Previous Update 5/11/12

Next strip is up! Getting Rufus to act really gay was a challenge. I couldn't think of a way to gay him up for this strip without stereotypes. But still, it works so why fix what ain't broke.

And yes, I goofed on the kitchen wall. In the second strip, the stove has no hood, and there is a refrigerator on the right hand side of the sink. In this strip, there's now a stove hood and the fridge is missing. Plus the curtains are not pulled back. Sheesh! So many continuity errors!!

Oh and I forgot to say last time that the two logos on BC's laptop screen are the Commodore and Amiga computer logos. I LOVED MY AMIGA 1200!! Best computer ever!! Wish they'd lived on and out did crappy Windows. Yeesh!

Enjoy he next strip!

Previous Update 4/23/12

Here's the next installment of our current story. Hmmmm... Is that bite marks on Rufus' neck?

I want to say again to all of you who donated to pay for Blizzard's server fees- THANK YOU!!! If you did NOT get your cartoon mailed to you CONTACT ME ASAP so I can get one out to you. I want to make sure everyone who donated gets one of the hand drawn cartoons as a Thank You.

Previous Update 4/8/12

Sorry for the long delay guys. I needed a break and took the month off from drawing. I've had a lot on my mind and it was dragging me down. But that's behind me now, and I now present you with the first installment of "Planet of the Gays". I realize this strip isn't really funny, but it is necessary to set up the rest of the story. And I can promise you, the rest of our new tale will be quite funny!

Thanks to all of you who donated to help pay for Blizzard's server fees this year. I and Blizzard both thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If you donanted and did NOT get a cartoon strip sent to you, please contact me so I can get one sent out to you. I had a few sent back for bad addresses, and I want to make sure you have what was promised to you.

Also, thanks to all of you who've visited Blizzard on Facebook. I'm going to keep posting updates there so you know what's going on and when to expect the next strip.

Thanks, everyone!! Hope you enjoy "Planet of the Gays"!

Previous Update 3/6/12

And here's the last installment of our current story. K'Shea is on the job! (for once...)

Next update will be the beginning of the new story "Planet of the Gays." Rufus will be acting a little peculiar... Stay tuned, Blizzard fans!!

Previous Update 2/4/12

And Blizzard is now on Facebook!! Check it out and be sure to "Like" him while you're there!

One more strip and this story is complete.

Previous Update 1/25/12

Ta-Da!! Took me a bit, but I figured out how to add a PayPal donation button. You will now see that the menu on the left has a donate link. For those interested, you can click on that link and go to our new donation page. Go ahead and click it and read all about donating to Blizzard

Now, about Blizzard himself, he's back and we're wrapping up the current story. A big shout out to Bizzard Fan Wayne for the idea behind this current strip. I fully agree, Wayne. Rufus had it comming!

Oh and I do want to ask the fans this question: What would you like to see in a Blizzard story? A specific plot or something? I have several story ideas on the board, but want to make sure I'm keeping up with what you as the fans would like to see

And on that note, I do want to make the statement that Blizzard isn't about the nudity or sex.

Previous Update 1/2/12

Our first update for 2012!! Happy New Year!!

And what better way to celbrate the new year than with a new Blizzard cartoon? Well, he's back from the dead, just not among the living-yet.

Blizzard server fees come due in March, so I'm trying to think of ways to make some extra cash to help pay for our 2012 fees. So far this mattress strapped to my back isn't working.

Three more strips and this story wraps up and we are on to the next tale "Planet of the Gays"!

Previous Update 12/26/11

We now have an update in the character page. K'Shea Ho now has her own entry on the page.

We have four more strips, then onto the next story. "Planet of the Gays" will be our next story.

Everyone, I just want you to know I appreciate the fan mail and also your patience as I work to get out new strips. Life happens, but I'm trying to get one strip out every two weeks. That's my goal. Let's see if I can do it.

Enjoy the new Becoming Blizzard strip!

Previous Update 12/10/11

Sorry for the long delay. November was a crazy month and I didn't get to do any Blizzard strips like I wanted to. But then, I didn't get to do ANYTHING I wanted to during November. Here's hoping December goes in my favor! Enjoy the newest strip (yea! He's out of Hell!)

Previous Update 10/31/11

I pushed hard to get this update out before end of the month. Well, at least it isn't November for a couple of more hours...

Previous Update 10/19/11

And may I present Blizzard's guardian angel, K'Shea Ho. (That's pronouced Cah-She-ah Ho.) Well this does promise to be interresting!

I'm guessing that Blizzard won't be in Hell much longer.

Keep that fan mail coming!

Previous Update 9/25/11

This wasn't the strip I'd orginally planned. The script called for Blizzard to get phasered, then in the last frame be in skeletal pieces yelling at Dr. McCoy for not helping him. Problem was, I didn't like the idea of drawing Blizzard like that, and just couldn't do it. So I rewrote the script.

It was funny, yeah, but just couldn't draw it. Poor Blizzard is having a bad enough time as it is.

I do know that Blizzard is about to be rescued from Hell. Soon. Very very soon. :)

See ya next time!

Previous Update 9/5/11

A new cartoon is served! Sorry for the delay, I had trouble drawing one of the frames. The script called for Lucibear to poke Blizzard in the butt with his pitchfork in the second panel, but no matter how I tried, I couldn't get the poses to look right.

And now we know poor Blizzard is going to be on Bear Trek... in the dreaded red shirt! Yes, no character suffers more pain and humiliation than the namless crewman in the red shirt.

But fear not, Blizzard fans! I know for a fact that Blizzard won't be in Hell much longer. You'll just have to keep watching to see how it unfolds :)

Oh yes, there's a couple of trivia points in this current strip, so the Trivia Page has been updated as well.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go read Blizzard!

Previous Update 8/18/11

Here's the next installment of our story. So Hell is now where you wind up on your favorite TV show. Hmmmm... I wonder where Blizzard could POSSIBLY wind up?

Somehow I imagine that this would be a true torture: living the same episode over and over and over. Yeah, more a psychological terror than a physical one, but still pretty bad. If nothing else would get sooooo boring after the millionth time you went thru it.

Well, enough jabberin'! Enjoy the next Blizzard strip

Previous Update 7/27/11

Well, I put my head cold to a good use. I've finished up another Blizzard cartoon. Enjoy!

Previous Update 7/13/11

I must say this new strip actually looked better in the line drawing than in the coloring. Maybe it's just me. Somehow I just don't like how this one colored up.

And I do want to make it clear on this one: no one has told Blizzard why he didn't get to go into Heaven YET. That's coming, but later in the story. Right now, poor Blizzard has his hands full, and it looks like Lucibear is back for a bit.

How could this possibly happen to sweet, loveable Blizzard??! How will this ever turn out in his favor?? Only one way to find out: Tune in next time, same Blizzard time, same Blizzard channel!!

Previous Update 6/28/11

Oh dear oh dear! Where could this story possibly be going?

And let me be frank that I'm not out to preach anything at all here, nor trying to push my personal thoughts on anyone. This is just part of the story as it unfolds. I thought this story up years ago, and tweeked it a bit to fit into Blizzard's world. But don't worry, something tells me this story will still have a happy ending. If it helps relieve any stresses you may have about this tale, I'll let you in on a little secret:

Blizzard has a guardian angel, and we'll be seeing it soon :)

So sit back and enjoy the current Blizzard strip!

Oh yes, and thanks to the fans for the ideas, the support, and for just being a fan of Blizzard!

Previous Update 6/16/11

This strip is about the bullcrap our U.S. hospitals now pull when you go in. They won't tell anyone that you are there, won't even admit you are a patient, and basically make life miserable for your friends when they come to the ER to support you.

Plus, if you are in a same sex relationship, the hospital is not required to acknowledge you're partner, nor your partner's wishes or requests. They can flat out ignore him and I think that is flat out WRONG. If he's your partner, he has the right to be there with you and be at your side.

OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Hopefully you will enjoy this current stip and stay tuned to see how this story unfolds!!

Previous Update 5/22/11

To me, this current strip is all about our modern society. We rush all over the place and depend far too much on our technology.

But I'm not here to preach or get on a soap box. I'm here to draw cartoons. I know many of you are puzzled where this story is going, and I can assure you there is a point to our tale: to make us laugh! Yep, that's the point of this story, laughter.

My hope is these strips make you laugh or at the very least, smile.

I hope you enjoy the current Blizzard strip! Stay tuned, more strips to come!!!

Previous Update 5/7/11

You know, it never fails. I write a cartoon, draw it out, scan it and all that. Then as soon as I'm ready to post it, I think to myself "nope, not funny" or "nobody will get this". But then someone will send me a note and tell me how much they appreciated the strip and I realize I was right to trust myself. Amazing how we as humans must be reminded of such things.

But anyhow, here's the next strip. And it appears Blizzard is either having one major fun reaction to the anesthesia or has 'left the building', so to speak. How on earth will this turn out?? Could he truely be dead?!

From my previous notes, you'll know he isn't. Besides, nobody in TV or movies stays dead. Professor X in the X-Men movies didn't stay dead. Spock came back after dying in Star Trek II. Tashia Yar came back in The Next Generation. Obi-Wan came back as a ghost (but we're still gonna ignore those crappy prequels and pretend they didn't happen). So sit back and enjoy the tale Blizzard has to share with you.

And why am I telling you all this? Because I don't want any of Blizzard's fans worried nor do I want anymore panic messages. I love to hear from you guys, just not in panic mode :)

Hope you all enjoy Blizzard's next strip!

Previous Update 4/22/11

Ah, FINALLY we are out of Blizzard's living room! Yes, it is a hospital room, but at least it is a different room!

And you may be asking yourself "where's Rufus? Why didn't he go with his friend to the hospital?" Oh he's nearby. And as the story unfolds, you'll see where he is :)

A special thanks to Blizzard fan Wayne for giving me an idea for a mini subplot in this episode! Thanks, Wayne!!!

Let's see... anything else... Nope, think that's about it. Any questions or comments, feel free to send me a message.

Until next time, Blizzard fans!!

Previous Update 4/4/11

Dude, I feel like crap. I hate being sick.

But nonetheless, here's the next update for Blizzard.

I do want to say that yes, Blizzard is ill, and yes, someone is going to die in this story, but guys, don't panic!! These characters are like my children, and I'm not killing off someone. So, fear not! Blizzard isn't about to fall over dead and the series end!

Enjoy the current strip, and sit back and enjoy the tale Blizzard has to tell you this time. Hugs!

Previous Update 3/21/11

Ok, first off, I will be glad to move the story OUT of Blizzard's living room. I am rather tired of drawing it again and again.

But enough of my bitching! I present to you the first installment of the new story "He's Dead, Jim". And yes, it starts off in Blizzard's living room... SIGH....

But don't worry! Even tho someone IS going to die in this episode, I promise it will not be a tear jerker moment. And I promise it won't happen in Blizzard's living room. (If I have to draw the dammed bookcase ONE more time...)

I digress... Please enjoy the first strip for the new story and help me celebrate that we have officially crossed 100 strips in the series!! I think I've counted 102 strips, but hey, who cares as long as they keep coming!

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the support for Blizzard!

Previous Update 2/28/11

And TA-DAA!! Here's the final update for this episode. I'd say Blizzard's first time with Bob was QUITE memorable. But to Bob's credit, looks like he's in for the long haul and has proven his love for Blizzard.

And I do want to add that we have a new update on the fan page. Kryss has given us his interpretation of Lucibear. Thanks, Kryss!!

So just a reminder, the next update will be the first of our next story, "He's Dead, Jim". Stay tuned fellow Blizzard fans!

Previous Update 2/20/11

Alright, here we have the next to the last cartoon for the current story. Rufus clearly isn't handling this well at all. Well, thus is the way of the world. Once you are out, some friends can and some friends can't handle the truth. Blizzard is finding this out the hard way, but fear not, things are not so bad for him.

I've got the next strip half finished, so hopefully this story will wrap up in a week, then we'll start the next story. I've got the next story already written out, so hopefully we won't have all the delays like last time.

I want to thank each and every one of you, Blizzard's fans, for sticking with us! And thanks for all the fan mail. See you next time!!!

Previous Update 1/23/11

Here's the next update. The 23rd??! I am SO behind schedule! But good news, there's about three more strips and then this tale wraps up and we will be on to the next strip "He's Dead, Jim".

Thanks to all of you who have sent in fan mail! I appreciate hearing back from the fans!!

Enjoy the next strip

Previous Update 1/15/11

Our first update of the year! And I'm stumped as I was sure I'd updated the blog last update, but it appears it never uploaded right. Oh well. Nothing much to report then except the joy of getting another cartoon posted.

And here is yet another update! Looks like Rufus isn't taking finding out about Blizzard very well. This story is getting interesting, isn't it?

Oh and to all the fans, I do wish to say THANK YOU for all your support, fan mail, and for being a fan!

Previous Update 12/13/10

December 13th??? Ok, I'm not getting these out as fast as I'd hoped. But today we were snowed in, so I finished up this strip and started the next one.

And snow day? In December?? In Tennessee?? Unheard of! But here it is nonetheless, and as the result YOU get the next cartoon.

Personally, things are back to normal in life. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but at least the stress levels are down. And with that, I'll work to get the next strip out faster and not keep you all waiting!

Besides, the Magic Eight Ball tells me the next story is coming up soon. The next story will be "He's Dead, Jim". Someone will die in the next story, but who?!

Previous Update 11/13/10

WOW! Another stip and it has been only a week! Ok, so this is only one frame, but it is still the next strip in the story.

Now in this strip (and the last one), yes, you see Bob's penis. I won't say who's "stains" are on Bob's tummy.

Enjoy the next installment of Becoming Blizzard!

Previous Update 11/7/10

And here's another update!

Blizzard and Bob are off and running. This is their big moment

My orginal thoughts and plans for this episode got altered. Orginally, Bob was to have HIV and he and Blizzard were going to have to deal with that. But after my life went down the tubes, I decided to scrap that idea. My life may suck ass, but that doesn't mean Blizzard's will. So I've tweeked the story a little bit and changed the ending of this episode

And what will happen in this episode now? Tune in and find out!!!!!!

Oh and will my life stop sucking ass? I sure hope so!!!!

Previous Update 10/24/10

Mavin the Paranoid Android said it best: "Life. Don't talk to me about life!"

Times are tough here at home and I've not been in much of a mood to draw funny cartoons. But I have plotted out how the rest of this episode will go and forced myself to get back to work on the story.

So here's the next installment of our story with Blizzard and Bob. They have officially admitted to each other that they are in love. So sweet! (SIGH... if only the real world were so sweet) Anyway, my plan is to finish out this story before the end of the year. There will be eight or nine more strips in this episode and then we will move onto another story.

I have two good ideas for the next story, but can't decide which should come first. Oh well, either way, we will all have a good (and much needed) laugh.

Enjoy the next strip of Blizzard and keep that fan mail coming!

Previous Update 9/8/10

I am soooooo sick...

I have strep throat. I have not had this since I was a kid in elementary school. Ah well. Might as well make the best of it, right?

Since I couldn't sleep last night, I went ahead and finished up the newest cartoon. The medications have kicked in, so I hope nothing is miss-spelled or just way, way out of line.

This episode is dragging out. I say in the next strip or so, we shake things up a bit!

Time for my nap and meds. Enjoy the newest cartoon!

Previous Update 8/16/10

Here we are! A new update. And Blizzard and Bob are slowly inching their way to their big moment. How will it work out? Will they get closer? Will Blizzard finally have sex? Will Rufus ever have anything other than tittie porn?

Tune in for the next update! Coming soon!!

Previous update 7/31/10

I've sat on this update for two weeks now. Why? Because I was tinkering with the HTML code trying to spruce up the site a bit. And then it dawned on me. I have no clue what I am doing!

So for now, I've given up trying to change the site and add some features. I'll just tinker with it in my spare time and keep up posting the strips.


Previous Update 7/3/10

Hi gang! Thanks for being patient while Jimmy and I were putting the house back together after the fire and the flooding.

Everything here is as back to normal as it is going to get. We are back in the house and have gotten everything fairly well restored

Now for Blizzard. I have a new strip here to post for you all. Blizzard is waiting for Bob to arrive. Oh what, but WHAT will they do once Bob arrives? I guess you will just have to keep checking back to find out! But don't worry, it won't take forever like last time. I've already got another strip in progress!

Previous Update 5/19/10

My, my! What an interresting month it has been. And why you ask?

For starters, on 4/29, Jimmy and I had a small house fire. Luckily no one was hurt and nothing was lost. There was some electrical wiring that had to be fixed, but that was it. So, when all was said and done, we only had to get some wiring fixed, BUT in the meantime, the power was off. We are on well water and when there is no power, there is no water either.

Jimmy and I then decided we'd stay at a hotel. It would only be a few days before we could get back in our house, right?

So that was on Thursday. We stayed one night in a VERY nice hotel in Nashville. We were in good shape

For those who have not heard, on May 2nd and 3rd, Nashville had over 15 inches of rain. The hotel Jimmy and I stayed at overlooked Interstate 24, and we watched as the interstate vanished into a small lake. The water kept rising and had begun to flood our hotel. When we were evacuated on Saturday night, there was already 3 inches of water on the first floor.

Mercifully our friends Chris and William took us in for a couple of weeks. Most hotels were booked up with the refugees from all the flooding. I have never seen anything like it. We were at the house cleaning up after the fire on Saturday the 2nd, and due to flood waters washing out roads and bridges, we couldn't get back to the house until about the 5th.

We were lucky and did not have any flooding at our house. We know many people who did.

Becoming Blizzard is not technically on hiatus, but with all the scrambling to get friends and family out of the floods and then getting ourselves and everyone else we know back into their homes and routine lives has taken up all my free time. Jimmy and I have, as of today, offically gotten back into our house. We're still cleaning up, but things are returning to normal.

Please check back in a few weeks as I will have the proper site updates ready by then. Thank you all for reading Blizzard's stories and for being fans. I appreciate you each and every one.

Previous Update 4/20/10

OK, so here's TWO cartoons. I've been working overtime trying to get these done and posted.

In this update, you have the next two cartoons in the 'Scuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy' story. AND you also have TWO new short erotic bear stories from Ursus.

Thanks to all of Blizzard's fans for reading the strip and for being patient while I get new strips posted.

And some minor housekeeping: Trivia page was updated with a new bit of trivia. There WILL be a PayPal donation button available in the next update. Any donations will go toward server mantainence and site upkeep.

Previous Update 3/13/10

Soooo exhausted... can't think clearly... It is late and way WAY past my bedtime

But I stopped watching Star Trek and X-Tube long enough to get this cartoon finished.

Hope you guys like the newest strip. And for those who are pissed that we don't see Bob's errection, just remember: I have my reasons.

**YAWN** Nighters!

Previous Update 2/24/10

Sorry for the delay guys. Life has been unusually busy this month and I couldn't get time set aside to work on the cartoons. My goal is to have one more posted before the end of the month (yes, I know that is only four days away). I have the story written out, and the basic stuff ready to go, just gotta make time to draw

Blizzard's server fees will come due on 3/15/10. With the next update, I will have a new fan mail email and will be using that email for anyone wishing to donate towards the fees. Blizzard is not going to cost anything to see, but I would appreciate any help to keep the site going. There will also be a PayPal button added that will allow you to donate via PayPal.

Oh, and I will also be posting a couple of more werebear stories from our favorite authors. Look for those on the next update as well.

Enjoy the next installment of Blizzard!

Previous Update 1/30/10

To start off the new year AND a new story, I present you with the first TWO strips from the story "'Scuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy".

As you can guess from the title, this story will take Blizzard and Bob to a new level in their relationship. I will not say more yet, so as to not spoil the story.

And on the personal side, I'm still limping along thru the minefield of memories. I want to send out a thank you to all who've sent me messages of hope and support. I really needed that. Thank you each and every one.

I get messages saying to tell the whole story, but I dunno. Who really wants to hear depressing tales of suprressed memories and abuse. Still it does help to get the story out of me. We will see.

Oh and one more thing, I'll be adding a Pay-Pal button soon for donations. Any money donated will go toward keeping up the site. That's it. I'm not charging for you to see the cartoons, only if you feel so inclined to help with the server fees that you have a means to do so.

Thanks everyone! Blizzard and I both appreciate you!

Previous Update 12/28/2009

I've been thru a lot of hell in the last two months.

I'm not going to rehash what went down here in the blog. There's not enough space for that. I've started working on a new page that will be added soon that describes in detail what happened. I will say that my panic attacks and stress dreams have stopped. I'm feeling much more myself than I have in several months. I've not fully resolved the childhood issues, but I'm getting there!

But for now, let us not worry over the past and enjoy the present. I've completed the last two strips for the current story "Daddy Dearest" and you will now find the entire story posted here. For those who have been keeping up, that means TWO cartoons have been posted to wrap up the story.

Originally, there were to be 20 strips in the current story, but I realized that strip 20 is actually the beginning of our next story "S'cuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy". That story will begin in January of 2010.

So here's the conclusion of Daddy Dearest.

A Message from Blizzard

Hello to all my fans! I wanted to say "Thank you" for all your support and for reading the strip. I hope you all have enjoyed the stories thus far.

And no doubt you are wondering "Where are the new strips? What is taking so long for more cartoons?" Well, the answer is, quite simply, Rondall has had a slight emotional breakdown.

Well, maybe more of a 'break thru' than a 'break down'. See as he was working on the next strip, some old memories resurfaced and he sortta-kindda had to deal with that in order to just function in his daily life, much less work on his cartoons.

So I wanted to just update you all that yes, there will be more cartoons, yes the current story WILL complete, and yes, Rondall's mental health is rapidly on its way back to normal (whatever that is). So don't worry, we will continue, just may be another few weeks before the story continues.

And I just got this note from Rondall that says he's feeling better, just working to manage the panic attacks and learn what it means to be a real survivor (not to be confused with the 'survivors' of that game show/reality TV/freak show/TV program.) He adds that who knew something traumatic that happened 36 years ago could be so influential and create such havoc today! He says he hopes you will all understand and be patient while he rebuilds his life and gets the Becoming Blizzard cartoons back on track.

And he better hurry up, 'cuz I am SOOOO ready to have my first real date with Bob. (MMMMMMMM....Bob....SIGH!)

Current Update 10/29/09

Here's the next strip in the Daddy Dearest story. There are three more strips in this story and then we move on to 'Scuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy'.

Also I do want to remind everyone that not every Blizzard cartoon is work safe, especially since the introduction of cartoon nudity.

I was really hoping to have the tshirts ready and be well on the way to publishing a collection book for Blizzard by now, but neither plan has worked out yet. I still can't find a publisher who would be willing to print the Blizzard stories and the tshirts... well, money keeps that one from happening at the moment.

And speaking of money, the hosting service for is already reminding me that in March I will have to renew the site. So to help make money to pay for it, I'm considering selling some of the drawings from the cartoons. I want to see if there's any interest in that before I move on to 'Plan B'. Just go to the "Contact" page and send me a message if you are interrested in buying a comic or two.

Previous Update 10/05/09

Ok, so I didn't get this posted as quickly as I'd hoped, nor have I gotten the books like I'd hoped... or the t-shirts... so September was a disappointing month, but October is going to be THE month things come together! (HEY!! I can dream can't I??!)

Enjoy the new Blizzard cartoon. Keep that fan mail comming!

Previous Update 09/19/09

Well here's the current update. I was hoping to get TWO cartoons posted, but decided best to post this one now and not make you fellas wait any longer. I am trying to find a way to have more time to draw the cartoons, as this is my real passion.

My original idea for the book of strips was to make everything uniform-that is to color everything and bring everything up to date. However, I've since found that several of the begining strips are missing and I can't colorize the existing scans (they are not scanned in a way that will allow smooth colorizing). So I guess we will have to just keep everything as it has been and print it that way.

Oh and does anyone have any good suggestions for book printers? LOL

I have created and posted the new "Trivia" page. This is an ongoing page for updates. If there's a question you want to know and it fits in the Trivia page, I'll post the question/answer there. It's not much, but it helps the fans know what's going on in the background.

Previous Update 08/09/09

And WHY did it take me so long to update the site with a new cartoon? Well, as I said in the last update, I was going to start a new job, and I did. Things are starting to settle down into a routine so with any luck, I'll start having strips up about once every two weeks (like we were before.)...(Stop laughing!)

Gazing into my Magic Eight Ball, I can see that the next episode is quickly coming up, and that episode will be called "'Scuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy". In that epidsode, Blizzard and Bob are FINALLy going to get down to business... after a major suprise!

I have also been advised to not only do T-shirts (more on that in a moment), but to also do a book of the strips. I will keep you posted to when those will be available and for what cost.

I AM going to do t-shirts. There will be two designs initially. If these prove popular, others may be done as the serries continues. We will likely be using Woof Tease as the printer for the shirts. You can see their site at (type it in, it's late and I'm too lazy to make it a link right now.)And there will be a trivia page available soon with Blizzard behind the scenes trivia for those who just gotta know.

And finally, I will also soon be adding a new bio page for myself. This one comes at the request of a friend. This bio will go in to LONG detail, and hopefully it will be of some use to someone somewhere.

That's it for now. Go read the latest installment of Daddy Dearest and keep that fan mail coming!

Previous Update 06/27/09

Big news! I've accepted a new job and thus it may be a bit before the next update. I'm going to try and do more cartoons on the side, but it will be harder until the job situation settles down.

But fear not, for new strips WILL be made!!

As far as our story goes, Blizzard is way in over his head. You'll be glad to see the return of Bob. Ol' Bob to the rescue!

And some good news. I'm talking with a fellow who will be able to make high quality shirts for us. Now my question to you the readers is-what do you want to see on a shirt and how many of you will be willing to buy one?

Previous Update 05/26/09

Well I sat on these for a much longer time that I should have. So to make it up to you, here's TWO new cartoons for the current update. Why did I sit on these? Well our bear club had our bear run this month. It was blast! We had hairy guys from all over. I even met guys from Canada (Hi Joe!!). What a blast that weekend was. Please check out our group, MTBA for updates on their next run and any monthly social events that are coming up.

It's now obvious that Blizzard is in over his head. Ol' Charlie is about to put some major moves on Blizzard, and he is COMPLETELY unprepared for it. But don't worry guys! I am sure that Blizzard's knight in shining armor will save the day.

Previous Update 05/10/09

New update and new cartoon! I've made some minor adjustments to the character page so the text is easier to read. (Thanks Mr Initialman!) I've also added a new fan on the Fan Page. You will now have access to stories written by Ursus. The stories are not Blizzard themed, but are well written erotic Werebear stories. Don't know what a Werebear is? Well, you'll just have to read the stories! Just go to the fan page and check them out.

Now as for Blizzard... well what is there to say but "DUDE!" The story is getting a bit wild, isn't it LOL. Now I do want to point out that I myself know virtually nothing about S&M, slaves, etc. I'd say what we are seeing (and about to see) from Charlie and Greg is a major extreme. Why would I put Blizzard who's just embraced his gay self in such a situation? Because I think it is hysterical! Just look at his eyes bug out!! LOL

Enjoy the newest installment of Becoming Blizzard!

Previous Update 04/28/09


The NEW BECOMING BLIZZARD WEBSITE has launched!!! Here it is, as long promised. First off, let's all thank Mr Initial Man for writing the code and baby stepping me thru it. Go to his website and check out his services. Man the code looks so clean now compared to the crappy code I did have.

Now, the new site will no doubt have a glitch or two (because I was tinkering with the code too). So look around and check it all out. Let me know what does not work for you.

I do want to point out that many of the graphics I wanted to add to this new site have not been completed yet. So things may look a bit plain at the moment, but that is going to change over the next few weeks and months as I finish up more of the graphics. There also are some links that have not been added yet. We will have a section in the Fan's Page with fiction written by fans. The first stories are actually not about Blizzard, but about Were-bears and I thought they were really great stories and asked to post copies of them here. That will likely be up on the next update. And no, the next update will not take as long as I've cartoons ready to go!

As for Blizzard, well, this tale is about to boggle his mind. It only gets weirder for him from here. But fear not! I know for a fact his knight in shinning aromor will be arriving just in time!

Enough of my yammerin'. Yer here to see Blizzard and check out his new site. Go for it! Drop me an email and let me know what you think about it all, and be sure to drop Mr Initial Man a note to say thanks and to check out his web services.