Becoming Blizzard's Trivia Page

Blizzard's Picture

Rufus was the first bear character I created. Thus the jersey he wears has the number "01" to denote he was the "first born"

B.C.'s nickname is actually an abbreviation of the nickname "Beef Cake"

Rufus quickly established himself as a horny straight guy in my early sketches. Blizzard developed an innocence that I always liked. I've tried to maintain these qualities in their characters as the cartoons developed.

The five original characters developed were (in order) Rufuss, Blizzard, BC and Jim, followed by Charlie. The four bears were a band (Rufus vocals, Blizzard guitar, BC keyboards, and Jim drums) with Charlie as their manager.

Rufus' original name was to be 'Rupert'. Jim's was to be "Butch"

One of the original ideas for BC's character was that he was to be blind. This idea was later dropped as it complicated stories too much. The idea that he has a secret idenity as a superhero called "The Bruin" has not been developed, but not scrapped either.

The swords over Bob's fireplace are He-Man and She-Ra's from the 80's cartoons "Masters of the Universe" and "Princess of Power." I loved those cartoons!

The house Bob lives in was based on Barbie doll's A-Frame "Dream House" made by Mattel in 1979. I always thought it was a cool looking house.

In "Daddy Dearest" and in one "Blizzard Bits", Blizzard has a stuffed toy human named "Mr Buford." Buford is a cross-over from another cartoon character I created in college with my then room-mate. Buford is a big hairy guy who becomes sherrif in the old west. My roommate and I wrote out a draft for a full length movie script for this character, but sadly was never completed beyond the third draft.

Bob's character was originally to be aggressively sexual. When the character first appeared, fan mail cheered hoping he would become Blizzard's boyfriend. The fan response caused a re-write of the story and his character was altered. The aggressively sexual character trait was then revamped into Charlie's character.

Lucibear is the most plagurized character from the series.

Blizzard is seen driving a green Volkswagon Beetle in "Daddy Dearest". This is the exact car I wanted to buy but was unable to. I decided if I can't have one, at least Blizzard would!

In the Becoming Blizzard universe, no character ever wears pants. A character is only considered nude if he/she is not wearing a shirt. When nude, characters have 'magically appearing genitals'. Only without shirts are their genitals visible.

To date, I have made exactly $0.00 from creating and drawing Blizzard cartoons.

Charlie and Greg's address is 1312 Mockingbird Lane. It is across the street from 1313 Mockingbird Lane-the home of the Munsters (but don't expect them to show up in any stories!)

"Abner" and "Gladys" are references to the neighbors on "Bewitched". This show is still one of my favorites. While I am told I did watch it when it was first on, I do not remember doing so. I was three when the last episode aired in 1972.

When Blizzard appears in the transporter room in "He's Dead Jim" and meets the Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, Kirk is holding a hand mirror that shows his reflection with a gotee. This is an homage to the classic Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror" in which the evil Spock has a gotee.

Room 101 is a reference to George Orwell's book "1984". In that story, the worst place you could be sent to was Room 101.