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Rondall And Jimmy

About Becoming Blizzard

The idea for Blizzard started while Rondall was in college. In the original idea, Blizzard, Rufus, Jim, and BC were all members of a band, and Charlie was their manager. After college, Blizzard was marketed to several newspaper syndicates, but was rejected each time. In retrospect, this was the best thing to happen to Blizzard.

The idea to publish Blizzard on the web came from Mike West. By then the story ideas for Blizzard were revolving around his sexuality, something main stream newspapers would have balked at. The idea of the bears as a band was scrapped, and Becoming Blizzard was born. The purpose for Becoming Blizzard was to show that big guys can be beautiful too, and that "Gay men" don't always fall into stereotypical roles (unless it is for the laugh factor!)

About Rondall

Becoming Blizzard is created by Rondall Carson. Rondall lives in Tennessee with his partner, Jimmy. Rondall draws as often as he can. His passion for art started while in high school waaaaay back in the '80's. His fondness for four legged bears began while in college, and for the two legged kind when he finally realized "Duh! I'm gay!" Jimmy and Rondall reside in Tennesee with their pets, Buddy the dog, and four cats: Ricky, Lucy, Tiger, and Panther.

About Mr Initial Man

MR Initial Man is the one who wrote 99% of the code for the new Becoming Blizzard website. To contact him or find out more about his services, go to here