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Great Tattoo Meet Barrius. Barrius sent me one of the first fan mails I ever got for Blizzard. He wanted to show us just how much he loves the Lucibear character. Glad you like him, Baurus, and glad to have you as a fan.! That is one awesome tattoo!


Christmas Bears Here is a Blizzard fan all the way from Norway. Kenneth is getting back into drawing and sent me and Jimmy this Christmas card. It was too good not to share! Thanks Kenneth!


Beautiful! Here is an item from Blizzard Fan Mark. He did not draw this himself, but this is an example of the work of a fellow he knows. You can see more of his work here


Nekkid And some homemade fun from our fan, Gerardo. Must be laundry day for the bears!
devilish And here's a drawing from Blizzard's fan, Kryss. Lucibear strikes again!


Ursus has written out three very cool Werebear stories that I've asked him to let me post here. You are welcome to download and read the stories as you like, but do note they are copyrighted stories and are NOT to be distributed without his concent. The files are in Word format.

Becoming The Bear

Being The Bear


Here are two short erotic stories by Ursus as well. Check them out! These two are in PDF format.

Bear Shorts 1

Bear Shorts 2